We are a photo restoration and retouching service based in Worthing on the sunny south coast of the Uk.
You can visit our contacts page and fill out the form and attach your chosen photo or photo’s.Once you have sent your image, we will review your alteration requests and get back to you with a price.When we have agreed on
the price, we will start work on your photograph.
When all work is completed a small watermarked copy
of your photo will be sent to you to approve.
When you are happy with your final image and the changes that have been made, you then proceed to the payments page to complete your order,and when we
have received full payment, your full size photograph
will be sent to you.
Work undertaken from £60 upwards will require a deposit.If you are local to the Worthing area and have
any trouble with the above instructions,please get in touch and we can make a visit to you, to see the work you would like us to do, and collect your photograph.When the photograph is complete and has been checked, we can then deliver it back to you.


Make sure that your scanners glass is clean from dust
and fingerprints as these will show up on your finished scan.In your scanners software select the following.
300 dpi/ppi Please make sure that when scanning, all scanner enhancements are switched off or unselected.Once you have your finished scanning, save
it to your computer as a Jpeg, Raw, Tiff file at the lowest compression possible.If you do have trouble sending
your file, you can use We Transfer .This is a free to use
no information needed website which will do it for you.
There is also a website called Dropbox which is also free to use , where you can upload your files and then send the link to us to access them.


Most high street printing stores will scan your photo’s onto a disc or memory stick which can then be uploaded to your computer and emailed to us.


Another method which is used alot when using rare documents and photographs, is to use your digital camera.Place the photograph on a flat surface in good light with a plain background preferably white or black, turn the flash off and take a few photographs at the cameras highest resolution and in colour mode.
Once you have done this you can transfer them to your computer and select the best one to send.


We have been asked to remove one spot from a persons face, to restoring a photo which took 5 days to restore.You can have a look at our galleries on here to see what can be done, and also check out our Facebook Page
Remember as much information as possible is needed. Once received, we will inspect your image to see if the changes you requested are possible.We may ask for further information regarding the restoration via email.Any information on Colour ? Cropping etc ? Retouching ?All work undertaken will be priced individually.A quote will be given in response to your request.Prices will be quoted for the completion of the job.We do not charge an hourly rate although some work is more time consuming than others which will increase the cost.